As a former World Champion Sky Surfer Viviane Wegrath was based in Spain and USA, from where she cruised the skies all over the globe for many years. She skysurfed the top of snowy volcanoes in Chile, soared Australian sand dunes, hovered over pacific waters and surfed back to urban land, created a Skywear clothing brand, based at Skydive Venezuela, teaching Kitesurfing on Tortuga Island, jumping out of flying objects and creating events keeping here buzzy. Viviane relocated to Spain to live close to the sea, between skydiving and kitesurfing. But life is full of challenges; lakes and mountains have called Viviane back to Switzerland. It needs a creative mindset to be able to visualize your dreams and to stay passionate about your mission in life, Viviane says.   

VIVIurbankites - recycled kites turned into functional fashion bags

During the summer of 2015 Viviane sliced her trashed Naish/ Torch 14qm  C-Kite into pieces, dusted off her sewing machines, threw some of the material from VIVIsurf SkyWear into the mix and started the up production with some "simple" creations such as the famous Mr. BIG, crispy pants, wicket-wrapped Mini Skirt and bags....


As the ideas began to flow more designs we developed, new models were added to the range and by reusing discarded kite fabric, she realised how much great material and resource become available whilst recycling.


"Being back in creative mode, using my imaginación and past experience working with textiles, has manifested in this new label. I would like to thank all my friends for their inputs, motivation and feedback during the creation and launch of this new project ". You all are great 😎


re-think, re-produce and re-use


Designing and recreating using that which we already have, reusing what is available, reworking and reinventing used or discarded products is the current trend of global thinking. Starting this project built up a network of contributors, creatives, suppliers and customers, all with a common mind set and goals.

we may can not change to world -  but we can make a difference


 rPET, 100% recycled thread by Gütermann

Completing the circle of recycling VIVIurbankites is using r-Pet thread, 100% recycled polyester, to sew their products.  This recycled sewing thread is a new product createdby the traditional German company Gütermann GmbH, a worldwide active manufacturer of sewing threads and twists.





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