recycle and urban your kite

What are you going to do with your old, ripped kite, bearing so many good stories and memories?

Kites bear great fabric and technical details to be reused and recreated into new goods. Keeping the characteristics, colours and details of the kite, we work it into unique products. Your kite will be completely deconstructed, washed and dismantled into pieces and stripes and then goes into reconstruction.


 > re-think, re-produce and re-use 


Any Kite material donation is highly appreciated and will be used for research, prototypes and stock production to urban more kites. In return for your recycled kite you will receive a free custom product from VIVIurbankites.


 > we will re-cycle and re-create your kite into a new life


Send us an e-mail with your kite details and we will
get back to you about the recycling process for your kite:

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